Economic hardship is more deadly than corona

Economic hardship is more deadly than corona.

The economic condition of thousands of families in Amreli district is deplorable

Economic hardship is more deadly than corona

The income of small traders, hawkers, private jobs, artisans stopped

Thousands of families need the help of ration shops and service organizations for a two-course meal

Middle-class families are also finding it difficult to borrow money.

In Amreli district, the condition of thousands of families has become more pitiable due to economic hardship than Korona. There are only 6 patients with corona infection in the district but there are thousands of families facing economic hardship.

More than two months have passed since the lockdown on Corona. After losing the employment of small traders, artisans and hawkers for the last two months, after saving the house for two months, now the savings have also been spent. Borrowing money is not available from anywhere.

Even worse than the poor are the middle class families. It is not understood how to bear the expenses including different loan installments, house expenses, electricity bills, house rent.

For the last two months, food carts have been running with the help of ration shops as well as service organizations. But Mobhi's night's sleep has become haraam for middle class families as there is no footy in their pockets.

It has become necessary for all government and co-operative banks in the district to give loans to poor and middle class families on an immediate basis in the range of Rs. This is because the state and central governments have not shown any willingness to provide cash assistance to middle class families. So there is an atmosphere of more anxiety.

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